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Sweden, the country in the northernmost part of Scandinavia, with almost 10 million inhabitants, are doing big investments in the infrastructure to be able to face the challenges the growing population, increased urbanization and an increasingly rapid technological development and digitization in society entails.

When SNC-Lavalin acquired Atkins in the summer of 2017, we together became one of the world's foremost designs and engineering companies that deliver world-class total solutions – that meets our most complex challenges and client’s goals. With a big national network, we continue with the high service that we are known for locally and in Europe, determined to create sustainable solutions for the future that are of the highest class. Regardless of whether the assignment concerns transport systems, the latest digital tools, railway infrastructure, asset management or community building.

We are now 450 coworkers in Sweden and growing. With continued high flexibility, we are now part of a global network of 50,000 employees, located in 50 countries and through a pure organization, we could expand our offering, our reach and our expertise in the Swedish market.

We welcome change and continue to work wholeheartedly in our network, equipped with an innovative and digital cutting-edge expertise. Proudly, we contribute with future solutions for our local, regional and national complex assignments in a country under constant development. .

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