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Join the Apprenticeship Programme at Atkins and you’ll be welcomed into a world of opportunity with our engineering careers. 

You’ll benefit from being part of a global company that employs more than 18,000 people across the globe, including 8,500 in the UK. From day one you’ll be earning a competitive salary, working on complex projects for major clients. While you’re gaining experience learning from industry leaders, you’ll also be working towards your professional qualifications.

Why Atkins?

Our world is changing faster than ever. Populations are increasing dramatically, climate change is affecting us all, and natural resources are dwindling. By 2055, three quarters of us will live in cities, putting infrastructure and transport systems under extreme pressure.

What can we do?

Our mission is to drive innovation that protects the environment and enhances the lives of people everywhere. As one of the world's leading engineering consultancies, we’re already solving tomorrow’s energy challenges, developing new technology for Smart Motorways, and through projects like Crossrail, improving life for millions of commuters. On our Apprenticeship Programme, you’ll work on projects that make a difference from your first day!

Sound exciting?

Explore the opportunities below and discover why you should be joining us. We look forward to shaping the future together.

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We have a range of Apprenticeship opportunities that you can apply to and for ease we've categorised them by location. Using the tiles below to navigate, you can see all of the job opportunities within each region. Simply click the arrow next to the enlarged image above the tiles! It's important to carefully read through the job descriptions and then select the one that you are most interested in to start your application journey. You are only able to apply for one opportunity, and we want to make sure you make the best decision.

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