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Meet Pritam, BAME Apprenticeship Awards' winner

Posted by Attrax Administrator
Posting date:7/27/2020 9:22 AM
We're so proud of Pritam, talented Civil Engineering Degree Apprentice and winner in 2020's BAME Apprenticeship Awards. His commendation in the Construction Services category has come as no surprise to those who work with him. Pritam has excelled at uni and is always requested on project teams. 

Since being part of the Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, Pritam has played a crucial role in vital infrastructure projects across the UK. His efforts on Rotherhithe Footbridge and Sizewell C Enabling Works have been recognized by senior members of our organization. Here’s what Pritam had to say about his achievements:

Congratulations on your award, Pritam. How does it make you feel?
The BAME apprenticeship awards are widely respected, so I'm very proud. The commendation reflects the hard work that I've put into my work. And winning this award has cemented my commitment to the cause of Apprenticeships, especially within the Asian community. It's a way for me to further encourage, motivate and inspire young people across the country.

Why would you say Asian students tend to avoid Apprenticeships?
For many Asian families, there's a stigma attached to Apprenticeships. They're seen to be only for students with low academic grades and abilities. However, my parents saw the opportunity for what it was and were incredibly supportive of the idea.

Now I'm studying Civil Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University while working towards my professional accreditation. I've found that applying the theory from lectures right away into the real world was a far more effective and efficient way to exercise and strengthen my knowledge.

What made you decide on a degree apprenticeship?
My teachers encouraged me to apply for uni because I was achieving good grades. However, I'd often heard that many university-leavers struggle to find work because they lack industry experience.
At a UCAS exhibition, I came across the Apprenticeship stand. There, I discovered I could get a degree and work in the industry. So I began to explore apprenticeships in general and what they could mean for my future.

What has your apprenticeship journey been like?
I've been exposed to incredible opportunities at such an early stage in my academic and work career. I've collaborated with our Global Design Centre (GDC) in India on high-profile projects. We produced intelligent 3-D digital models using Building Information Management (BIM). It's an advanced way of working that lets teams manage complex data across a project's lifecycle.
Tell us one of your career highlights.

One of Atkins' senior civil engineers chose me to work on Feltham Re-Signalling. Working on this project has allowed me to gain great insight into how old railway infrastructure is modernized. Taking on an Assistant Engineer's role, I've been responsible for designing fundamental structures that keep the railway safe and moving. This has been a complex engineering project, so I've picked up invaluable technical knowledge from some of the industry's most experienced engineers

We get that you eat, sleep and dream 'Engineering,' but do you have time for any other interests?

Cricket has a massive place in my heart, and since I was nine, I've played for Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community (SKPLCC). After leaving the Colts Academy at 15, I've been volunteering my Sunday mornings to share my knowledge about the game with the next generation.

Young people need to have role models to look up to, and not just from a cricketing perspective. They need mentors who they can talk to about anything. Giving back to the community is incredibly important to me. It's a way of showing my appreciation to the club and everyone who has helped and guided me throughout my cricketing career. 

Now that you've won this award, what will you do next?
Having the BAME Apprenticeship platform's support will help me reach out even further to the BAME community. I want to bring about change, be a role model and encourage students to pursue opportunities. 

I'd love to share my story with students in schools to inspire young individuals to take the Apprenticeship route and all the career benefits associated with it. I came from a school with a high percentage of BAME students, and I've witnessed first-hand the lack of opportunities we could access.

At work, I'm a member of Atkins' BAME Network. Winning an award from such a prestigious platform will allow me to grow my profile within this community. As I'm the only Apprentice on the committee, I can be a source of inspiration for thousands of Apprentices across the country. I want to start working with them to inspire more BAME students with their stories.
What has Atkins helped you discover about yourself?
Before I started my apprenticeship, I would never have dreamed of receiving and accomplishing this many opportunities and responsibilities. The progress that I've made has been beyond what I could have expected. This is just the beginning of my career, so I can't wait to uncover the exciting future I have ahead of me!

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