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    • As we recruit placement students from a wide range of degree disciplines, we have developed a role finder that helps you decide which opportunity is most suited to you. Click here for the role finder.
    • We’ll only accept one application from each candidate per recruitment campaign year, however, you’ll have the option to select multiple business areas/teams and locations depending on the opportunities we have available. Please make sure you read the job descriptions available to make sure you’ve selected the right choices.
    • Entry requirements vary by role so please make sure you check the job description before applying. If you feel you don’t meet any of these minimum requirements then we do offer a range of direct hire opportunities, which you can find on our job search page.

About our placements

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    • Our paid placement opportunities are designed for students from all degree years except the final year of study and include: Summer placements – last at least 8 weeks and are completed during your longest academic break from university. We don’t have a fixed start date, but they usually run between May/June through to August/September. Industrial placements – often built into and count towards a degree course. Again, we don’t have a fixed start date, but they usually commence from the beginning of the academic year (September/October) and they typically last 12 months. The exact dates for both types of placements are to be agreed between you and the business at offer stage.
    • The structure of the placement will depend on which team you join. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss suitable objectives with your line manager when you join us. However, we can guarantee that you will be learning about the exciting world of engineering through challenging tasks and responsibilities which help contribute towards our company vision and goals. You can expect to develop your core skills and enjoy a rewarding placement.
    • Our placements are full time work posts, designed to support and complement the studies of university students who are studying a relevant degree. Whether it’s spending several weeks with us over the summer or 12 months on an industrial placement, you can gain invaluable experience in the working world, equipping you with knowledge and understanding of the industry that couldn’t otherwise be obtained through academic studies alone.

Recruitment process

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    • The situational judgement test presents you with work-based scenarios in video format and you’ll be required to select the most/least likely outcome from a list of options. This test offers you a glimpse into life at Atkins and the questions are all underpinned by our key behaviours and competencies that we look for.
    • Assessment centres are for graduate roles only and usually take place between 9.30am and 3.30pm. You’ll be asked to complete a number of exercises on the day including a technical interview with the relevant business area you have applied to and for some business areas you will need to complete a short written technical paper. The assessments will include a technical interview with two managers from the relevant business area, and for some businesses you will need to complete a short technical written exercise. There will also be a number of behavioural exercises which have been designed to assess the competencies we look for in our graduates at Atkins.
    • Assessment centres for graduates take place between the middle of October and the end of April. Please be advised in some instances we will only hold one assessment centre for your area so it’s really important you keep the date available to attend. We do recommend you complete all of the stages as soon as possible though as some programmes are very popular.
    • Can I claim back expenses from the graduate assessment centre I attend? Atkins do reimburse reasonable travel expenses incurred travelling to and from the day. So, if required, we would encourage you to book travel as soon as possible using the most cost-effective method. You will find an expense claim form in your account area that you will need to complete and return via email as a password protected document to the early careers team alongside your receipts. Please submit your expense form within 2 weeks of the assessment centre date. Upon receipt of your completed form – a bank transfer will be made. Reimbursement will only be paid with the provision of a receipt. We expect a VAT receipt where possible. If you need to book anything, please contact The recruitment advisor will not have visibility of your expense claim so please direct all queries to
    • Before you leave the assessment centre we will let you know when you can expect to hear from us. We’ll contact you by phone or email.
      • Yes, we provide adjustments because we want you to be able to demonstrate your full potential during the recruitment process. It is advisable to inform us as soon as possible about the adjustments you may require in order to ensure that they are implemented on time. Please contact or call 0121 483 5089.
      • We can provide various adjustments that will enable you to perform your best at all stages of the recruitment process. Examples of adjustments we have made in the past include, but are not limited to, providing assistive technology; extra time; changing the format of an assessment; scheduling an interview at a specific time; and ensuring there is access. For further information please contact or call 0121 483 5089.
      • If you have a specific question related to disability, please contact or call 0121 483 5089. All conversations will be confidential.
      • Yes, you should tell us as soon as possible if you require any adjustments or changes to the interview process. Failure to do so may result in adjustments not being made resulting in you not being able to demonstrate your full potential. Please contact or call 0121 483 5089.

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