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Through our projects all over the world, SNC-Lavalin is privileged to be able to improve the lives of millions. At our India offices we have a strong culture of volunteering and are passionate about uplifting society using our skills and resources. Our employees are especially driven to improve the future for the next generation through work that engages children, teachers and communities.

Udayan Ghar

Our flagship CSR project is tackling the issue of the 31 million children in India who live without parental care. We want to make it possible for children, who have been orphaned, abandoned or are at-risk, to live fulfilling lives. We collaborated with Udayan Care to set up “Atkins Udayan Ghar” in Gurugram. We’ve started by creating a nurturing family environment for 25 girls, aged 6 to 18.

Udayan Ghar will ensure the girls receive good education, physical care, nutritious food, and plenty of opportunities to progress. In this model a group of mentor-parents look after the children, supported by a team of caregivers, social workers, and mental health professionals.

Our amazing employees are also getting involved, giving their time as Mentors, organizing Soft Skills Workshops, delivering Teach the Trainer, and hosting Arts & Craft, Dance and Music Sessions.

Teach the trainer

Our volunteers have been actively involved in this scheme that supports teachers and principals in underprivileged schools. We’re helping to improve teaching methods at Urdu Higher Primary School, Islampur and Higher Primary School, Nelamangala. Our 3T volunteers are visiting the school every two months, as well as working on a long-term schedule of activities. These include making videos of science experiments, as well as providing study materials on topics which teachers find challenging.

Computer training

The main aim of this initiative was to equip Urdu Higher Primary School, Yelahanka, Bangalore with computers donated by Atkins. Our volunteers installed four computers with licensed software and delivered basic training. This included supporting staff on using MS-Office for efficient schooling and book-keeping. We also installed internet connections which would allow us to give continued support to the faculty. The resulting access to computer education has strengthened the pupils’ all-round academic performance.

Fun science

Working at Urdu Higher Primary School, Yelahanka, Bangalore our volunteers regularly engage students with scientific demonstrations. The activities are designed to teach scientific concepts to children in an entertaining and light-hearted way. We shared concepts such as electrostatics, density of fluids, and formation of soap bubbles in these fun, interactive sessions.


Our volunteers recently partnered with NGO, DEFY to form the Digitally Enabled Learning Initiative – or DELI. DEFY’s mission is to design accessible, equal and local education for all. Together our aim is to empower communities to create their own digital school and learning environments. In these digitally enabled ‘Nooks’ there is no teacher, and no exams. People of any age and background can learn together out of curiosity and share knowledge with one another.

DELI has taken off in communities which are economically and socially marginalized. Everyone from teen school drop-outs to senior citizens are encouraged to express, experiment and experience different domains of learning. The programme is already empowering many – especially women who were unable to finish school.

Smart classroom

Our CSR team recently created the first Smart Classroom at Samarthanam High School. These technology-enhanced classrooms foster opportunities for teaching and learning, by integrating computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. Through this programme, we’re supporting the development of underprivileged children who have learning, speech and hearing difficulties.

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