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In Denmark, we are 450 Consultants, Specialists and Project Managers working from four different locale offices around Denmark – one in Copenhagen and three in Jutland (Aarhus, Horsens and Esbjerg). 

The infrastructure design of the future is the common denominator for all our Danish projects. Our main skills are within transportation and urban planning, rail, roads, bridges, environment, water, land surveying and land acquisition, intelligent mobility, risk management, IT and geographical information, energy, asset management and project and construction management. Thus, we come from various professional backgrounds and collaborate on projects that are often large and cross-functional. Common for us all, however, is the passion and pride we take in developing infrastructure and in this way helping Denmark into a greener and more digital future.

We are always looking for new colleagues with the right skills and the passion for shaping future societies, and who are also eager to be part of a strong community of good colleagues, a flexible and informal setting and a focus on developing your career.

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