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We know that our success is due to the hard work and dedication of our people. Here are a few quotes from our employees, on their recruitment journey with us.

morgan Haley 
Lead Well Engineer

"The initial application was very straight forward to complete. The telephone interview was good as it allowed generic questions to be covered and all parties to gain a basic understanding of each other. The final face-to-face interview was more technical but all stages were very relaxed and friendly. The building had a good working atmosphere which was evident straight away and it was easy to see colleagues got on well together. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first 6 months at Atkins. Everyone I have met has been very welcoming and friendly. I have already worked on several projects for major clients and learned a lot through working on different projects and work-scopes outside my previous experience/comfort zone."

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Saeed Yassin
Desk Side & Technology Support Analyst

"In my career, I am sure of one thing and that is I want to build my career in IT. My present job has shown me the path to move and attain what has been my long-term career objective. Also, during my 6 months here, my manager has been supportive & motivating which I find very helpful. Also, our entire team in IT Services is very helpful and collaborative. Finally, I have been getting continuous positive feedback from end users, which helps with my job satisfaction and I am glad that I chose to work for Atkins."

Dimitrios E
senior structural engineer

"Atkins is one of the top companies in the structural engineering world so I always wanted to join since my academic years. Atkins is committed to the Offshore Wind Energy and Environment so it is the best place for me to work and to move ahead with my career. It is exciting for me to work with new colleagues on new projects and to explore my full potential with them.I found the recruitment process well organised and informative. It is exciting for me to work with new colleagues on new projects and to explore my full potential with them. Atkins is a great place to initiate your career and has a great vision for the future."

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Kavita Vanik
Graduate Process Engineer

"I joined Atkins just as the pandemic was picking up in the UK and this made my experience of joining Atkins very unusual. Having said that, my immediate team and the general Infrastructure department, has been extremely friendly and ensured that I felt at home right away. So far I have gained an insight into working on a couple of projects and I am already seeing the vast amount of work available at Atkins; both in the UK and Internationally. For any future candidates who are looking to apply to Atkins, I would highly recommend being proactive and speaking to people within the business right from the initial application stage. I have found that asking questions has helped me throughout the application process and continues to help me now!"

Remi Sauffisseau 
Assistant Civil Engineer

"I chose Atkins due to the variety of projects and industries the company has an impact on. Atkins also offers the opportunity to work with diverse and inclusive people all across the business giving a sense of belonging. Atkins has a drive for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the core of the business meaning everyone can feel welcome and included in the wider team."

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Chris Parker
Process Engineer

"I found the application process to be very straightforward. I really appreciated that the application was just a CV and didn’t require several extra questions and cover letter, which can be very time-consuming to complete when balancing with working full time. My experience so far has been incredibly positive. Before my start date my department head presented me with 3 different potential projects options that I could be working on, and I was able to select my preference. This was a first for me, as previously when joining companies I have had no idea as to the work I would be carrying out after joining. I have joined former employers where there has initially no plan of work for me – which can lead to an awkward period feeling useless and out of place in the first few weeks. This wasn’t the case at all at Atkins and I was able to get stuck in straight away which I really appreciated. I quickly went on to work on my first choice of project."

Karen Minta
Business Manager

"I chose Atkins because there seem to be great opportunities to work on projects that have an impact on society. I found the onboarding and application easy & straightforward. I have found my first few months here great and busy but I have really enjoyed it despite being in unprecedented times."

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