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Advances in technology may have reduced the need to travel, but will the newest generation of colleagues
be willing to consider opportunities further afield if it helps them to find a job or get ahead?

A survey by a global consultancy found more people under the age of 35 are being given opportunities abroad.1More often, it’s in ‘short-term, talent development or project assignment roles’.2 However, a third of multinational companies surveyed said there were Millennial colleagues in longer-term assignment positions.

Gen Z are just entering the workforce and our own experience suggests they are less interested in work-related travel than their slightly older counterparts.

Other research found Gen Z believes experiencing other cultures will set them up well for the future. 84% of people who responded to a survey by a leading professional services firm said their ability to work well with people from different backgrounds is a key skill that could give them an edge over other job candidates.3

Source: World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Survey 2017


In recent years, start-ups have attracted a lot of attention and investment. But are the younger generations willing to go it alone to bring their bright ideas to fruition? Or are they looking for more stable employment options with a regular income?

A survey of 18,000 people from three generations in 19 countries found that a quarter of Gen Z respondents were budding entrepreneurs, while for Millennials and Gen X, one in three preferred to run their own show.4

Source: World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Survey 2017

When all participants were given specific options, Gen Z respondents favoured working for an international company over starting their own business. For Millennials and Gen X, the reverse was true.

But that doesn’t mean that Gen Z isn't thinking big. In a recent survey of students in grades five to 12 in the USA, 26% of respondents believed they would invent something that would change the world.5


Source: World Economic Forum – Global Shapers Survey 2017

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