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SNC-Lavalin is shaping our world from offices across Canada – and we’re on the lookout for the brightest young minds. Whether you’re fresh out of college or graduating from university, join us to make a difference. From tackling climate change to protecting vulnerable ecosystems and building smart cities – we’re using powerful technologies and insights to solve pressing issues in our fast-changing environment.

We’re a company that drives innovation, so we’re committed to the next generation of original thinkers, wherever you are in Canada. You'll work on our major projects in Canada, where we will provide you with excellent mentoring and learning support. Great team spirit and collaboration defines our culture. And guided by our transformative leadership, we’re always improving our workplace for all. No matter which business you join or industries you’re interested in, you’ll be enabled to realize your potential as an important member of our team.


At SNC-Lavalin Canada, Our Graduate Development Program provides everything you need to progress a successful early career. As part of a vibrant community, you’ll enjoy the support and camaraderie of fellow grads. Regular events encourage networking, collaboration and plenty of good times. Working as one of the SNC-Lavalin team, you’ll be honing your abilities on challenging projects that matter.

Interns & co-op students

Want to get your career started quickly? Our Internships offer you diverse and flexible possibilities to learn and perfect your skills. Through Co-operative Education Programs we partner with colleges and universities to enable you to build a promising career. We have roles available across all of our departments that come with meaningful responsibilities. You’ll be gaining vital experience as a full member of the team, making a significant impact on projects, and liaising directly with our clients.

Find out more about our programs by sending us an email.

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