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Our 2020 digital engineering vision

We’re always pushing ourselves to invent the new and we’re looking for the next generation of big thinkers to help us shape the future. Digital is enhancing everything we do on projects, from inception, to operation, and even to final decommissioning – making our world faster, better and safer. That’s why our 2020 vision is to provide seamless multidisciplinary technical expertise across all our sectors.

We’re at the forefront of digital disruption in our region. Technology is allowing us to harness data in new ways, combined with our expertise and industry knowledge this means we can deliver insights to clients like never before. We’re already taking the latest advancements in innovation and applying them to real world situations.

For example we’re:

  • Creating highly accurate ‘digital twins’ of complex and dangerous sites, so we can make better, more informed decisions without risk of human safety, delays and downtime. 
  • Using virtual and augmented reality to add spatial context and understanding to designs, which empowers faster decision making and design development. 
  • Harnessing robotic, autonomous vehicle and artificially intelligent technology, to make processes more agile and responsive across all our industries, from aeronautics, to transportation, to oil & gas.

As we move towards the future, we’re in a position to offer our graduates exposure to projects on the leading edge of innovation and technology. Join us and you’ll be in great company.

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