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Welcome to our new internal careers page. Designed to make it easier for our employees to identify career opportunities across the business, this page includes a number of links to relevant guides to support you navigating Workday for relevant vacancies and share information on our projects and people across the group.

All of the people stories featured in our blogs are real and we plan on developing the range of people we showcase over the course of the year. No one tells the SNC-L story more effectively that the people who work here and our people have a range of personal and professional experiences to share.

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Take the opportunity to learn about the different opportunities across the business and how you can keep up to date and connected with the latest positions. 

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    • Follow our Internal application guide. Alternatively, please use the following instructions; Head over to your Workday account and log into the portal. Locate the application called 'Career Hub'.

      Next, select the tab titled 'Career opportunities'. Here you'll be able to view all roles and use filters to search using the 'Find Jobs' option in the Career Hub.

      At the top of each job description you’ll be able to see the details of the advisor handling that vacancy. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly if you’d like more details about the role Once you click ‘Apply’ against a vacancy it will start the application process for you.

      If you have any problems whilst applying, please contact our recruitment team on +44 121 483 6024 or by emailing
    • Nothing attracts great people, like great people, your perspective matters.

      We’re growing across our UK markets and practices, and we’re hiring. When it comes to who we get on board, your knowledge and judgement is key. And we recognize that you can play an integral role in getting some amazing people through our door.

      Refer with pride

      Being part of Atkins and Faithful+Gould is special. Our wide variety of big and small projects has a tangible, sustainable impact on our world. What we do keeps us challenged – constantly discovering what we’re really capable of. As importantly, our businesses are just brilliant places to be. We care for each other and our priorities – the people you refer will genuinely enjoy working with us. Take a look at our Employee Referral Scheme.

      We value your contribution

      Put forward your most suitable friends to fill our best jobs, and you could be rewarded up to £3,000 when they’re hired. Start now by looking at the roles and available rewards here. When you have someone in mind, log in to Workday and use the Employee referral guide to refer a candidate.

      Got 15 minutes?

      If you prefer, look through your contacts with one of our talent consultants. Together, discuss who may be a right for any of our open roles, or something else in the future. To set up a session, email us at
  • Join us on social media and share your story

    Social media is part of mainstream communication, and our recruitment team are using various platforms to showcase our people, projects and career opportunities. You can help by following us, sharing updates and creating updates of your own.

    Before you get involved, we just ask that you read our social media policy statement and guidelines. We think it’s worth explaining how social media fits in with our communications plans, and how you can maximise the potential of social media to help us to tell the Atkins story.
  • Here you'll be able to find out the latest 'hot jobs' in the business.


Improving the world around us.

You’ll be working to change the world. No matter where you are in the world, your opportunities with us are endless.

We know our people are working and collaborating on the most exciting projects and contributing to exceptional work and making a difference to the world around us, follow the links below to find out more.

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