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To ensure that the Company procurement duties are carried out to the highest standards, on time and with the highest financial gain to the Company.


  • Ensure that the Company is operating at a minimum within the approved CCS values and that the maximum benefit accrues to the Company by improving on the CCS targets. Objective at all times is to achieve 15% on the resource and analysis allowable.
  • Ensure that the computerised purchasing system is operational.
  • Ensure that all sub-contracts/purchase orders are properly and adequately documented with relevant signatures for the commercial, financial and technical content where required.
  • Ensure that the Company is operating within the agreed set of standards and procedures in relation to requisitions, enquiry review, bid analysis, order placement and reporting as laid down in the Kentz Procurement Procedures.
  • Expedite materials to site ensuring an adequate supply of materials at all times with particular emphasis on maintaining a positive cash flow.
  • Ensure that all major orders for South African Projects are based on minimum of 60 days payment.
  • Implement reporting procedures as required and ensure timeous completion of accurate Monthly Reports and Company Purchasing Reports.
  • Be pro-active in ensuring that the preparation of a purchasing plan for all new projects happens timeously. This will essentially layout the strategy to maximise the profiteering on the material element of the project. It will also form the basis of the month-by-month reporting to the Purchasing Manager on the up-to-date progress on the project with specific reference to the following:
    • Overall profitability on the project to date.
    • Delivery of long lead items with specific reference to the Construction Programme requirements.
    • Highlight any information required from the project team, i.e. requisitions, confirmed quantities, allowable, specifications, drawings and transmittals.
    • Update plan to complete the purchasing on the project with explanation as to why there is a slippage on agreed completion dates, if any, and revised plan to bring purchasing of the project to completion
  • Assist in introducing a yearly volume discount structure with suppliers to improve the Company bottom line.
  • Give practical assistance where called upon in the preparation of tenders based on past experience.
  • Seek feedback from suppliers on what work is in the market place and in particular what work they are doing with Clients/Consultants.
  • Liaise with and inform on an ongoing basis with the Procurement Manager, General Manager and Project Manager as to the up-to-date status on all projects under your control.
  • Ensure full commitment to the implementation of the in-house Quality Management System.
  • Ensure that the hire of all Plan and Equipment is kept to a minimum.


  • Preferably procurement Diploma / Certificate
  • Have technical knowledge of site requirements – consumable equipment.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must be numerically proficient.
  • Must be language proficient (English) and be a good communicator.
  • Knowledge in Contract Law.

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