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Contracts Director

Our company Faithful+Gould ( is an integrated project and programme management consultancy. It supports clients with the management and programmes of varying types of construction projects, with offices across Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Subcontinent and Australia. Our office locations are complemented by those of our Parent group SNC-Lavalin enabling us to draw on an international knowledge base in delivering the next project to our large and extensive client base. In Faithful+Gould, we provide more than just a job, we believe we offer an exciting change of professional lifestyle and career development.

In our Malaysia operations, we currently provide a range of project management services to International Corporations and Government entities such as the following:
• Strategic Project Definition and Advisory Services;
• Client Representative Services;
• Due Diligence studies;
• Cost and Budget Review;
• Planning and Programme Management;
• Project Management;
• Move Management;
• Design Management;
• Procurement Management; and
• Construction Management.

Job description:

As the Contracts Director for the assigned project, you will be responsible for: -

Contract Management:

Contracts Director be responsible for the overall contract management working with Employer’s and Client’s core project team
• to develop a commercial and contractual framework that aligns Client’s objectives with those of the Project participants
• to verify that the way in which the Project participants are selected, organized and paid, and the conditions of contract used does not hinder these objectives
• Review the tender documents as to sufficiency of performance specifications (including functional descriptions, FAT and SAT requirements and procedures, layouts, drawings, diagrams, calculations, lists, data sheets, specifications, test plan as well as performance and test criteria) to enable tenders for the construction of the Project to be procured to the agreed risk profile i.e. sufficiency and degree of detail of information vs. magnitude of price
• Manage the tender process, issuing out tenders, managing interview sessions, establish a pre-tender estimate, assessing market rate benchmarks against submitted bids, producing tender reports and recommendation for awards
• Work with Employer’s and Client’s project and design team throughout the tender process ensuring professionalism and transparency, and compliance with Code of Conduct.
• Carry out peer review of the intended design commercial tender analysis and recommendations for selection.

Project Controls:

There are three main components to be controlled, namely: cost, time and risk. Contracts Director, working hand in hand with the deployed team by the Company and the client’s contractor(s) will measure these components and provide sufficient transparency to check, challenge and validate this measure.

• During Project execution, check, challenge and validate the actual values of these components measured by the contractor and compare them to the Project Execution Plan in order to understand and provide an independent opinion as to the Project progress and performance.
• Provide Employer’s and Client’s Project Team with sufficient foresight to navigate around potential risks before they become irreversible problems that require unexpected and undesirable compromises.

In managing the contractor Contracts Director will capture synchronous snapshots of cost, time and scope data, and establish effective data streams through a robust Project data collection processes embedded in the design engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up procedures.
• Check, challenge and validate the periodic snapshots provided by the contractor, and its analysis and forecast of each component's future values.
• Manage Project risks and use cost, schedule and scope forecasts as an information source to identify Project risks that are analysed and acted upon as part of Project risk management.
• Set up and maintain a Project risk register.
• Set up and establish the Project Governance structure and develop the Project Execution Plan. Update the Master Programme upon appointment and keep the Master Programme updated.
• Set up and manage the change control process to forecast what is ahead and what action needs to be taken to avoid an undesirable compromise.
• Set up a project controls model which depicts the components of project definition (cost, time, scope), reference levels (estimate, baseline, forecast, commitment, actual) and the data streams (budget, schedule, design evolution (changing drawings and specifications), quantities, forecast updates, actual progress and cost) and run down of contingency all defined by the project's Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and cross referenced to the Code of Accounts.


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