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Data Science Designer (Oil & Gas)

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Data Science Designer (Oil & Gas)

Data Science Designer

Job Requirement for OMPIL

Roles and Responsibilities

  • He / She will be designing a process model of Onshore MP Digital Transformation Program.
  • To design, develop and deploy the most relevant solution that fit the department business process thru Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning and Process Optimization
  • To design, develop and deploy an interfacing program of the department business process to virtually apply to any commercial platform such Digital Twin, Pega System, SAP ERP, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Work with stakeholders to determine how to use business data for valuable business solutions
  • Search for ways to get new data sources and assess their accuracy
  • Browse and analyze enterprise databases to simplify and improve product development, execution techniques, and business processes
  • Create custom data models and algorithms
  • Use predictive models to improve Contractor/Customer experience and performance, KPI targeting focus, time/cost optimizer, and more
  • Develop the organization’s test model quality and A/B testing framework
  • Coordinate with various technical/ functional teams to implement models and monitor results
  • Develop processes, techniques, and tools to analyze and monitor model performance while ensuring data accuracy.
  • The job requires for 8-hour on normal working days (5day-week) for one-year assignment.

Candidate Experience Preference

  • Minimum 5 experience as a Data Scientist
  • A natural inclination toward solving complex problems
  • Knowledge/experience on/with statistical programming languages, including R, Python, SLQ, etc. to process data and gain insights from it
  • Experience using and developing data architectures
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning Techniques, including decision trees learning, clustering, artificial neural networks, ensemble method, deep learning etc., and their pros and cons
  • Knowledge and application experience in advance statistical techniques and concepts, including, regression, distribution properties, statistical testing, etc.
  • Good communication skills to promote cross-team collaboration
  • Impulse to learn and master new technologies
  • Multilingual coding knowledge/experience: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, etc.
  • Experience/knowledge in statistics and data mining techniques, including, random forest, GLM/regression, text mining, etc.
  • Experience with major web services, including S3, Spark, Redshifts, etc.
  • Experience/knowledge in distributed data and computing tools, including, MapReduce, MySQL, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, etc.
  • Ability to use data visualization tools to showcase data for stakeholders using D3, ggplot, Periscope, and more.


Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer science, Computer Engineering or other related degree. A Master’s degree in relevant background are most preferred.


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