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Atkins North America Inc. seeks Geomaticist: Establish and implement field project plans, including on-

site direction and guidance of junior professionals on specific projects and/or multiple projects in the

vicinity, and management of the budget. Determine best course of action for assigned Geomatics field

work or project in quick and efficient manner, establishing plans for project-specific systems in which

 Geomatics services will be performed, properly identifying the specific survey equipment to be utilized,

including GPS, Data Collectors, Robotic Total Stations, Scanners, Laptop Computers, Wireless

communication devices, etc. Quickly and accurately perform field portion of task using available

equipment and personnel, potentially including construction staking, as-builts, topographic, hydrographic,

utility, and property elements, etc. Reduce and analyze relevant raw data on site using applicable

software such as a least squares-based programs. Utilize CAD software to prepare or adjust maps and

drawings on site when applicable. Make on-site calculations when applicable using COGO packages in

data collector software / laptop. Perform any other necessary and/or applicable research while in project

vicinity. Utilize GIS software to collect data, attribute features, and produce maps while on site. Req’s:

Bachelors degree in Geomatics, land surveying or closely related field or foreign equivalent and 2 years

experience in the job offered or as a Land Surveyor. Must have at least 2 years documented experience

using CAD software DCAD. Must have at least 2 years documented experience in data processing, deed

research and utilization of GPS systems in a land surveying context. Minimum 2 months experience in the

use of Bentley inroads, Trimble business center and LEICA Cyclone for laser scanning data registration

and laser scanning data extraction using Certainty 3D, Topodot and Globalmapper. Land Surveyor in

training license or Land Surveyor license in a U.S. State is required. Domestic and International Travel,

including site visits and assignments, req’d approx. 15% of time. Location: Atlanta, GA. Send resume /

cover letter to:  Amy Gough @ ref #37268/1001.


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