Nuclear Refurbishment Performance Improvement Officer



  • Manage an OPEX Lessons Learned Program
  • Evaluate detailed data on loss time and resources
  • Develop viable opportunities to reduce critical path time and resource commitments.
  • Develop business cases for proposed improvement changes
  • Manage the development of software utilities to capture important data to be used as a basis of performance improvement
  • Evaluate specialized tooling and equipment performance to recommend improvements going forward
  • Provide screening and apparent cause evaluations of adverse condition or event reports.
  • Manage the development of strategic innovations proposed to the stage of acceptance to include in the Project Work Program
  • Assess the scope and technical basis of the project to determine opportunities for effort reduction while still achieving project objectives
  • Assess Client processes and facilities to identify opportunities to improve critical path performance and resource reduction.
  • Prepare analysis reports, and supportable recommendations and business cases for implementing changes to the “means and methods”, processes, constraints, technical basis, tooling, equipment, training, facilities, or any facet of the Project, aimed at improving the Project Performance.

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