Senior System Engineer


  • Responsibilities (includes, but not limited to):

  • Trend the health of all 13 systems in the RWPB;
  • Prepare  System Health Reports to trend possible risks to production;
  • Review System Performance against accepted criteria and engage the appropriate groups for resolution;
  • Support operations on providing solution for system trips / transients;
  • Monitor work orders related to the system health and drive completion;
  • Engage and support OPG in the development of acceptable performance criteria;
  • Establish and formalize methodology to trigger system changes due to data trending /OPEX;
  • Trend supplied system data and establish related actions as appropriate;
  • Engage with vendors as required to establish uncertainty figures on emission reporting;
  • Support development of RWPB facility annual report;
  • Prepare and present System Monitoring Plan;
  • Perform self-assessment / audit of System Monitoring Plan every two years;
  • Support development of RWPB Effluent Monitoring Program as required by RWPB Operations Manager;
  • Review performance of Effluent Monitoring Program to provide confirmation of public doses;
  • Support development of field changes as required;
  • Review maintenance schedules and validate required maintenance is being performed in accordance with CANATOM /OEM requirements;
  • Initiating FCR’s, NCR’s, Work Orders, Acers, PROAct , PREQ’s (using the managed process to identify issues)
  • Use spreadsheets to track issues to plan and schedule work to be executed in the RWPB;
  • Perform apparent cause evaluation, develop troubleshooting plans and lead the equipment root cause investigations to improve the system rating;
  • Defined critical spare re-order points to improve Single Point of Vulnerability (SVP);
  • Constantly interfaced with RWPB operations;
  • Monitor the life of equipment and initiate request for replacement as required;
  • Qualifications (includes, but not limited to):
  • Degree in Mechanical / Chemical Engineering from an accredited University with a minimum of 8-10 years of relevant experience (minimum 5-7  years in the Nuclear industry as a Senior System Engineer  working  on modifications to  nuclear systems or components);
  • Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and member in good standing is an asset;
  • General knowledge of nuclear codes and standards, including CSA N285.0, CSA N286, ASME Section III Division 1 and  ASME B31.1 is an asset:
  • Good working knowledge of Nuclear facility mechanical/ process equipment and systems;
  • OPG security clearance and Orange Badge qualification is an asset;
  • Excellent written and oral communication  skills:
  • Results driven individual with strong interpersonal skills;

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