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Job Duties

  • Reporting directly to the Construction Manager
  • Supervise and provide oversight for subcontractor personnel
  • Monitor installation of and/or install data logging equipment
  • Ensure and supervise subcontractor compliance with and site-specific safety standards, codes, regulations, and assist with the implementation of the site safety program.
  • Ability to anticipate and solve problems.
  • Support with the management of project schedules
  • Help with site access, including all site visits and deliveries
  • Assist with identifying unknown risks, managing risk impact and how they will be executed.
  • Ensure quality standards are met and participate in the project quality control plan defined tasks
  • Facilitate in project and business development responsibilities during development and implementation
  • Collect field information and pictures as necessary
  • Plan of compliance, morning meetings and scheduling.
  • Ability to anticipate challenges and proactively resolve them


  • Bachelor's degree preferred, specifically in engineering, construction management or related qualified experience
  • Experience in Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, and Clean Environment Projects
  • OSHA-30 certification is preferred
  • Experience of RFI logging.
  • Experience with building energy systems including HVAC, controls, central utilities, electrical, and M&P
  • Experience in energy systems project implementation, including performance contracts, is preferred
  • A passion in the areas of energy efficiency, alternative energy, and sustainability
  • Experience with construction, construction management, or on-site field work is preferred
  • Ability to provide leadership to guide subcontractors to implement energy efficiency measures in accordance with the required scope
  • Self-directed personality with a commitment to excellence
  • Detail oriented and honed observation skill
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Prove ability to function in high performing, multi-disciplinary teams that provide reliable customer satisfaction
  • Prepared to work irregular hours during implementation, including night and weekend work
  • Knowledge and experience with Safety and Quality Control standards and procedures

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