Welding Superintendent

Cape Town

Education & Skills:

  • Minimum of a completed Certificate in an Engineering Discipline (Red Seal).
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience – specifically within the petrochemical sector
  • Familiar with welding codes Coded in Tig (GTAW), MMA (SMAW), Sub Arc (SAW), Mig/Mag and Flux Core (FCAW).
  • Ability to weld various classes of material (SS/CS/CrMo/Low Temp/Normalised).
  • Proven track record in shutdown environment
  • Must be local


  • Every Welding Superintendent shall as far as is reasonably practical, ensure that the duties of his employer as contemplated in the OHS Act, Act 85, 1993, are properly discharged.
  • Working hand in hand with welding engineer to qualify new WPS & QPR requirements as is needed on site throughout duration of project. To oversee and ensure entire welding department has in hand and is using the correct WPS & PQR for the specific welding activity at hand.
  • To oversee and assist with the testing and training of all new and old welders associated with the project. To assist with the training of welders through the training school, by assisting the training school instructor and by identifying and supplying the training school with key and skilled personnel to attend and complete the training thus receiving the qualifications which will most benefit the project and the needs of the project.
  • To oversee and ensure that the correct consumables are available and stock levels are maintained and that the correct consumable is in use at the work area and the specific welding procedure is being used thus dictating the specific welding consumable to be used.
  • To constantly oversee and monitor each and every welder with the entire department and to ensure that the correct and up to date welding procedure, i.e. the WPS & PQR, is being used for the specific welding activity at all times.
  • To constantly monitor and oversee the daily and weekly progress of each welder within the entire project and to identify areas of concern and concentrate and strive to efficiently and productively correct and improve these areas of concern by implementing further training and skills enhancement and if necessary by using the applicable disciplinary code. 
  • Responsible for overseeing and monitoring all welding departments on site to ensure productivity is at a maximum and the entire overall welding department is productive and running in the most efficient manner possible.
  • To monitor and ensure welder performance is running at the highest level possible, to oversee and keep track of each welders performance by ensuring each welders chronological weld record is filled in each day, combined into a weekly report and carefully studied and observed where by doing so positive and negative trends can be easily and quickly identified and dealt with at the earliest opportunity presented.
  • To oversee and monitor the condition and functionality of all welding equipment on site. To ensure that all equipment is maintained and functioning in an efficient and productive manner.

    Location: Cape Town

    Duration: Shutdown

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