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Welcome to our flexible working culture

Finding the right work/life balance is everybody's dream, and that resonates with us. We believe that part of being an employer of choice is respecting what you do outside of work. That's why at Atkins in the UK, we champion flexible and remote working policies that help you get the most out of life.

Smashing the stigma

Many people still worry that if you're not at your desk, it means you're not serious about your work. And that might limit career progression. But at Atkins, we're passionate about enabling you to build your career in the direction you want – whatever your working pattern.

Thriving together

Whether it's down in your contract or part of an informal understanding, our style of flexible working is built on mutual trust. We know you'll meet your project commitments – you know we'll look out for you where it matters.

A measure of success

Since 2013 we've seen a year-on-year increase in part-time workers at all career levels. And the number of men working part-time is growing at a higher rate too. Our teams no longer see flexing as something 'just for mums.'

Working forward

We've also signed the Equalities and Human Rights Commission's 'Working Forward' pledge. It shows we're committed to fostering the right culture for flexible working to thrive – regardless of your seniority, gender, age or reason. It's also backed up by a measurable action plan to ensure that we're continuously improving our approach.

Flex around what’s important to you

We appreciate that different people have different priorities. While some of our flexible workers are extraordinary parents. Others are committed reservists. Others might just need to leave earlier to get to band practice. How would you make flexible work for you?

Seen one of our roles advertised as flexible working?

These are the flexible options that you might want to talk about during your interview:

Part-time working: working fewer than the standard number of full-time hours

Job sharing: where two employees share the duties of a full-time position

Mobile working: this permits employees to work all or part of their week at a location remote from their normal workplace, for example at another Atkins office or site office

Phased retirement: for employees who wish to change their pattern of working hours and perhaps adjust their responsibilities as a transition towards retirement

Home working: helpful when you need to concentrate on a particular piece of work or when you need to balance domestic and work commitments

Flexible holiday scheme: each year you can have the option of buying up to 15 days additional leave or selling up to 5 days of leave, so you can take between 4 and 8 weeks of holiday each year

Sabbatical/career break: an approved, extended period of unpaid leave which gives you the opportunity to study, carry out voluntary work or travel

Term-time working: an arrangement where you do not work during the school holidays.

Read about some of our employees’ experiences of flexible working at Atkins. And browse our vacancies to see where you see yourself inside Atkins.

For a flexible working arrangement to be successful, there must be flexibility on all sides. We always welcome any reasonable requests to work flexibly but will consider individual cases on how they balance with commercial need.

All the information you need to know is available on our dedicated benefits portal, your reward, which you can access 24/7 from any device.

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