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Atkins values LGBT+ inclusivity. We have our own staff network call Equilibrium which was formed by employees and is striving to make a positive impact on the well-being of colleagues as well as help us to make a tangible difference in areas that are important to our LGBT+ community, not just within the company, but industry wide. We are a member of the Building Equalities group, a cross industry wide group aimed at making a positive impact to those who identify as LGBTPlus in the construction industry.

The aim of the network is to continue to raise the profile of diversity and inclusion. Our goals are to promote the acceptance and wellbeing of LGBT+ employees and assist in framing company policy. We intend to provide a support and social network by hosting events across the country and in conjunction with other networks. We want to help people to be themselves at work.

Since the network launch in summer 2016, the network has taken part in many events including London and Birmingham Pride marches, hosting industry wide seminars around mental health in the LGBTPlus community and attended LGBTPlus careers fairs.

We have also joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme, and through this partnership, we get access to a wide range of employer resources and support as well as the opportunity to participate in the Workplace Equality Index, a programme designed to help companies to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their diversity and inclusion programmes.

This year Atkins moved up 122 places in Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index.

We are now ranked 289th out of 445 employers – leapfrogging 122 places and putting ourselves in the top 50% of organisations from the built environment sector.

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