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From designing end-to-end project solutions to pioneering new technologies and ways of working, we generate the knowledge, the ingenuity and the drive to meet so many of today’s most pressing challenges – population growth, transportation, and climate change.


Cities & development

Designing masterplans and innovative smart solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges in city living.

Enviroment & geoscience

Creating tailored solutions that serve the best interests of the natural and built world.

Industrial & manufacturing

Applying creative thinking and cutting-edge technologies, to deliver lasting, result-driven solutions across the entire lifecycle.

Minerals & metallurgy

Combining 65 years of global expertise with the speed and efficiency of local resources to deliver unrivalled services, technologies and solutions for any project.

Security, aerospace & defence

Working with clients in the aerospace, defence and security industries as an independent, objective advisor and trusted delivery partner.


Combining traditional engineering and new technologies to deliver easier, safer and more reliable transport in our increasingly-connected, populous world.


Partnering with our clients to create sustainable solutions that are realistic, durable and adaptable.

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