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Joining Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, in our Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology (ADS&T) division will mean that you are able to work with teams across mission critical industries, to contribute to the security and resilience of the nation, or to exploit advanced technology to help clients to not only meet, but embrace these exciting times. We work with leading names to transform the future of engineering. 

At Atkins we offer a world of opportunities from the projects you’ll work on to the directions you can take your career. Whilst our continuous mentoring, on the job learning and training will help you achieve professional registration and develop industry skills that are highly sought after. You’ll get involved in real project work, using the theory and practical skills you’ve learned at university whilst gaining valuable experience and developing new skills.

We are looking for talented graduates from a range of different subjects accredited by a recognised institution, and these can start from a predicted 2.2 onwards. Whatever team you join, you’ll enjoy great opportunities to shape your future career. Your professional development will be a high priority. From bid work to project delivery, you’ll have the chance to work on high profile and innovative projects with the flexibility to experience a broad range of disciplines, roles and clients.

Not only do all ADS&T offices have a great social scene, there’s a very active young professional community who will help you develop your knowledge of different areas and grow your professional network.

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At ADS&T, we have a wide range of projects and clients that will allow you to have the opportunity to showcase your skills and develop new capabilities. We are proud of what we help our clients to achieve and we want you to share in that pride. We are also passionate about developing our people, that’s because we see your success as integral to the success of our business. So, that’s why you will find we focus hard on learning and development and creating opportunity. 

Andy Finch, Managing Director for ADS&T

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    • As a Systems Engineer within ADS&T you will be able to work with teams across mission critical industries, contributing to the security and resilience of the nation, and exploiting advanced technology to help clients to meet, and embrace these exciting times. This role will see you learn to become a future business leader as part of one of our teams working closely with our clients to first understand their business needs and ensuring they articulate and then correctly capture their needs as robust requirements. Once these needs are captured, you will be analysing requirements and developing ways that they can be successfully validated and tested. A core part of the role will be developing Systems Engineering Architectures within Model based Systems Engineering software tools, to optimise the effectiveness of the solution. Within all of this, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, so all the while you will be constantly challenging, the status quo, whilst thinking of novel ways of working and new opportunities.

      As a member of the Systems Engineering practice you will have the opportunity to contribute to projects in the following domain areas; UK Defence Equipment and Infrastructure Programmes, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation Programmes, Aerospace. These projects will see you working with Principal clients such as UK Government Departments & Agencies, Airbus, BAE SYSTEMS, Cobham, Babcock and other major UK and international companies.

      You will take a holistic approach to defining complex problems in these domains, by applying systems thinking, engineering and management to find the best possible solutions and enable their integration and acceptance for our clients.
    • The Mechanical Engineering team work on a variety of exciting projects across both the Aerospace and Defence markets. The nature of the work is extremely varied and often requires complex solutions to solve technically challenging engineering problems facing our clients. From initial design concepts for new products, to qualification testing, certification and in-service support, we are involved at all stages of a project. Our wide range of skills and capabilities span numerous disciplines including classical and finite element stress analysis of composite and metallic components, systems engineering, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis through to composite and metallic design. Whatever your passion, you will be joining a high-end engineering team working on ground breaking projects.

      Our clients across the Aerospace and Defence sectors represent some of the biggest names in the UK’s most advanced industries. Each of them faces an exciting future with potential disruption, threats and opportunities resulting from the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Recent projects which we have supported in these sectors include submarine nuclear propulsion design, dockyard design support, nuclear handling equipment and blast doors for a new defence facility, landing gear continuous product development, aircraft wing design and certification and composite test support. Working across design, systems engineering and structural analysis, we are looking for people who are digitally equipped to face the future needs of the market.
    • Atkins Safety & Asset Management team forms part of the cutting edge Advanced Engineering and Technology Practice (within ADS&T), offering a range of independent advice across both industrial and defence focused domains to a wide breath of clients, for example: AWE, Airbus, Babcock, Ministry of Defence and DE&S. You will be joining a great team who help to make our world safer, secure and more sustainable; through the implementation of our ideas and by solving the Engineering challenges of the future.

      What is Asset and Analytical Engineering?

      Applied throughout the lifecycle, Asset and Analytical Engineering is a consistent, systematic and iterative process, used to maximise equipment availability at optimal whole life cost. Asset Engineering is focussed on influencing equipment design for support, such as, maintenance access, use of existing tools/test equipment and facilities. Analytical Engineering is digitising and utilising complex data to support effective decision making.

      What is Resilience Critical Systems Engineering?

      Resilience is the capability of systems, equipment and infrastructure to protect against safety, environmental and security/cyber threats throughout its lifecycle. We analyse, assess and develop requirements to mitigate against these threats, providing assurance to our clients. A critical system is any system whose ‘failure’ could threaten human life, the system’s environment or the existence of the organisation which operates the system mitigation strategies and reporting.
    • Joining our Software & Digital team will mean you that you will be joining a specialist software practice and will be able to work with teams a variety of mission critical industries. You’ll be working as a Software Engineer across a wide customer base. You could be involved in a range of projects across the full project lifecycle including; Business Analysis, Requirements capture, Design, Coding, Testing.

      Working in the fields of Identity Assurance, Geospatial information System, software development of data intensive applications, Industrial Automation and Control Systems, and Safety Critical Software. Our services include the provision of independent technical advice to Customers, the development of custom applications using a blend of Microsoft development tools, 3rd party API’s and industry leading databases, and the supply and maintenance of our product portfolio. Some of these specialist areas involve, biometric management, geospatial, high-integrity and safety-critical software, control systems and information security.
    • Working as an Atkins consulting ICT engineer within the communication and networks element of our communications business, you will be involved in the design and development of a wide variety of electronic communications systems and data networks. Working with our clients and their ICT systems, you could be responsible for any aspect of a developing telecommunications system, from the analysis of user requirements through to managing installation contracts.

      You could be exposed to every aspect of the engineering of electronic communications systems; from infrastructure (e.g. optical cable networks and radio) through to the configuration of complex data networks and control systems. You could find yourself working on systems for a new airport or hotel, university or defence installation. Alternatively, your work could involve the development of next-generation broadband networks including the advancement of 5G.

      If you’re a talented graduate who isn’t afraid to challenge or push boundaries, you can look forward to plenty of variety. Supporting, encouraging and pushing you every step of the way, you’ll get involved in some of our specialist areas, which include;

      › Complex telecommunications and IT networks supporting the defence and nuclear markets for the MoD, EDF and Sellafield
      › Wireless/radio and Wireless LAN where we provide technical advice for transportation and aviation clients such as Heathrow Airport, TfL and Transport Scotland
      › Information security. We understand and implement the procedures and processes to deliver IT systems in some of the highest security environments for confidential clients
    • The Atkins Geospatial team provide a range of services covering the full lifecycle of location-based information from data acquisition, processing and spatial analysis to information and data management. Our drive is to deliver innovative, quality solutions to our clients enabling them to use data to make well informed decisions in a user friendly and intuitive environment. Our success lies in our integration across the Atkins businesses, and our hunger to push geospatial solutions ever forward.

      The team are passionate about the application of geospatial technology to real world problems, applying GIS across a broad range of disciplines from large, nationally important road/rail to renewables/nuclear energy projects, and delivering projects based in the UK to those in the developing world. You could see yourself working on anything from; High Speed Two, researching open source technology and its ability to deliver highly detailed 3D web mapping, travelling to countries such as Kenya, Malawi and Dubai, and cost saving for clients to even spending a year on secondment with a client.

      We believe in getting graduates working on projects from the moment they join (after attending ESRI and FME training), so expect to be busy. The role of a GIS Graduate is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to gain experience in implementing GI solutions across multiple disciplines and throughout all parts of a project’s life cycle. You could be involved in:

      › Projects where we are advising and guiding internal and external clients on the best approach to take for a wide range of GI aspects from basic constraints mapping for our environment team
      › 3D visualisation of a new pipeline route and creating viewshed maps for planning applications on small projects to large infrastructure projects
      › Supporting other Atkins work on large multi-disciplinary projects.
    • Within Atkins Geomatics we collect raw geospatial data using a wide variety of traditional and leading-edge surveying and remote sensing technologies including UAVs, LiDAR and photogrammetry. We provide Geomatics services to small, medium and large projects from geodetic control survey, traditional ground survey, LiDAR/Laser Scanning survey (static, mobile and aerial), aerial photogrammetric survey (manned and unmanned) and all aspects of data processing.

      Our drive is to define innovative solutions in order to provide the highest quality 3D survey and mapping data products to our clients’ requirements. Our success lies in our experience across a wide range of data capture techniques and collaborative approach to defining the most appropriate survey methodology, working in partnership with disciplines from across the Atkins. Working in Geomatics is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to gain experience in implementing survey solutions across disciplines. You will be involved in:

      › Projects where we are advising internal and external clients on the best approach to take
      › Delivering surveys for a wide range of data capture requirements
      › Large aerial surveys of existing or for new infrastructure, UAV surveys, smaller as-built surveys for BIM modelling
      › Tasks could include: measuring photo control, laser scanning, post processing of aerial, UAV and laser scanning datasets, production and QA of deliverables including basic CAD outputs, orthophoto, ground models, 3D meshes, BIM models and visualisations
      › Data creation, collection and validation
      › Information management
      › Spatial analyses
      › GIS web map creation and management
      › Map production.

      There is an increasing overlap between Geomatics and the wider Geospatial team of which we are part, meaning there will be opportunities to work in a GIS environment and software. Collaboration is the key in Atkins and this means that you might be required to visit our Bangalore GIS team, spend time in the Middle East or work with our new Atkins North America business in the United States.
  • Joining our highly respected Junior Consultant Development Programme (JCDP) will provide you with support and training to enable you to drive your career forward and learn to become a world class management consultant. You will develop core and specialist consultancy skills through a mixture of client and internal projects, development and training activities. Working both independently and as part of a team, in a mix of client environments with guidance from a variety of experienced consultants. From the exciting projects you will work on to the wide variety of career paths you can pursue, we will challenge you and support your development from day one.

    Daily activities can include, but are not limited to:

    › Working on a variety of projects across government and critical national infrastructure that influence the future of our country
    › Managing projects from start to finish as well as delivering value at any stage of the project lifecycle including designing, developing and implementing innovative solutions
    › Developing complex, technological solutions to client problems, supporting the nationwide digital transformation
    › Winning new work by creating compelling bids and spotting opportunities to grow Atkins services
    › Working across stakeholder communities to build consensus for strategically important changes and assess the impact they may have

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