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What are the career paths within aerospace, defence, security and technology?

Posted by Attrax Administrator
Posting date:1/28/2020 9:20 AM
The security, aerospace, technology and defence markets are some of the most exciting for any fresh graduate or established professional to work in. Whether it’s driving innovation, solving real-world challenges or contributing to mission-critical projects, the work you do in this area has a demonstrable impact on society. Every day is different, with new challenges and opportunities to overcome and embrace, making this career path perfect for big thinkers, strategic workers and anyone who wants to make a tangible difference to people’s lives. Find out more about the numerous career paths available within this space.

Project management

The project management function is vital across the aerospace, defence, security and technology (ADS&T) industries, with project control and project scheduling also highly sought after within this area. Within aerospace and defence in particular, globalisation, deregulation and changes to military spending are creating significant change which is leading to accelerated project deadlines and therefore increased demand for project controllers, project support staff and more specialised roles such as technical authors and engineers. While pathways into project management are varied, steps include achieving qualifications in engineering, management and business administration, experience managing teams, schedules and budgets, and experience in a relevant industry. Another route to this career is through our project management graduation scheme.


Digital transformation is accelerating the project lifecycle within ADS&T. The intelligence market is now undergoing a major digital evolution that is seeing organisations look for independent, tailored consultancy to remain competitive in the increasingly digital business environment. In addition to the project management team, management consultants are being brought in to drive change in even the most complex, regulated and secure environments, analysing and interpreting high volumes of data to achieve value through digital transformation programmes.

At Atkins, we’re seeing plenty of opportunities for management consultants at all levels, particularly supporting the intelligence market with transformative digital projects in the South-West. Other roles include safety consultants in air traffic, systems and WOME (weapon, ordnance, munitions and explosives), business change consultants dealing with digital transformation, asset management consultants and cyber security consultants. Our Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology division is always looking for bright thinkers to provide independent and objective advice in mission critical sectors, which means there are a huge number of opportunities for consultants in this space.


Engineering is a discipline which is prevalent across all corners of ADS&T, particularly within aerospace where there is significant investment into new technologies and services and ongoing demand for commercial aircraft. The announcement of a UK aerospace Sector Deal is further proof of the stable, high-growth nature of civil aerospace, where the UK is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engines, wings and advanced system. With an annual turnover of more than £35 billion and the provision of more than 120,000 highly skilled jobs, aerospace is only going to grow in the coming years to support huge upcoming demand for passenger aircraft.

Aerospace engineers who can harness new technologies and create opportunities to create clean growth will find plenty of career opportunities in this space. With an enhanced focus on environmentally friendly aircraft, autonomous operation and drone technologies, there’s a lot for engineers to get excited about. We will likely see a shift away from traditional hand skills towards automation and electrification and more focus than ever on innovation. Typically aerospace engineers require a relevant degree in aerospace or aeronautical engineering, a strong background in mathematics and physics and often a graduate role. 

Atkins offers a range of engineering graduate roles for sectors including securities, aerospace and defence, cities and development and transportation.

Find out more about ADS&T at Atkins

Make a difference to individuals, organisations and entire nations when you embark on a career in aerospace, defence, security and technology at Atkins. If you’re inspired to make a difference, we could have the perfect job for you. Hear others’ career stories within ADS&T or find your next aerospace, defence, security and technology job now.

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