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Equality, diversity & inclusion in Asia Pacific

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Equality, diversity & inclusion in APAC

We solve some of the most complex engineering problems that Asia Pacific faces today – applying innovative thinking, pioneering technologies and outstanding projects to create the best outcome for clients and society, every single time. And this is all made possible by the people that make up SNC-Lavalin and Atkins. 

Akin to our geographical footprint, here in Asia Pacific our regional footprint spreads across several different countries with differing cultures, traditions and people.

Our success lies in our talented, passionate and committed people who feel a sense of belonging at SNC-Lavalin. Feeling welcome and free to share ideas regardless of background and seniority, is how we promote a culture that drives innovation and improvement which ultimately creates value to our clients and society.

In Asia Pacific, our focus for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion focuses on increasing the percentage of women within leadership roles. Our objective is to increase the representation of women in professional, management and senior management roles to a minimum of 20%. We strive to empower our female colleagues by creating an environment in which they can thrive.

Led by a group of colleagues from various cultural and professional backgrounds, we have undertaken a number of key initiatives to support our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion objectives.

Image of a group of employee attending the training session

Tools to unlock 
professional & personal excellence 

We regularly host talks on “Emotional Intelligence” and “Self-coaching to master our thoughts and feelings”. Both topics provide tools to develop soft skills that are key in a professional environment, such as self-awareness, empathy, relationship building, managing our thoughts, emotions, stress and anxiety.  

Promote BEHAVIOR change towards a more inclusive work environment

We run an “Unconscious bias training” series to help participants dive deeper into our hidden biases which can give certain individuals and groups both unearned advantages or disadvantages in the work place. The workshops help attendees to be more aware of their biases and implement behavior changes to create a more inclusive environment.

Image of a group of employee attending the training session
Image of one woman explaining something to another woman while sitting on a couch

Mentoring for 
professional development 

In 2020, our Asia Pacific Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Business Network will focus on designing and implementing a mentoring program to create a work environment that facilitates career development, in particular for female employees.

More than just commercial imperatives, these are our responsibilities as a business committed to leading the change we want to see in the Asia Pacific region. We know that it won’t be easy. There’s no two ways about it. But they’re the first steps in our journey to become an even more diverse and inclusive business, and we’re committed to making progress. Why? Because, simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

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