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Pipelining future local talent 

We are committed to helping countries achieve their diversification and nationalization objectives by offering comprehensive and practical training programs in KSA, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE through three specialized training centres in the region. These include O&G Commissioning Training Academy in Muscat, Al Khobar training centre in Saudi Arabia and training in Kuwait through competency development program as part of our contract with KIPIC. Our 2-year graduate development program helps early career professionals master the technical skills through on-the-job training, planned rotations within our operations and achieving the developmental milestones needed to obtain their professional designation. The program provides real opportunities to work with and learn from the best in the industry, while also making sure we prepare a strong pipeline of future talent to help meet our long-term workforce needs. So far, nearly 8,000 local talents hired as part of our localization strategy.

KSA nationalization

SNC-Lavalin recognizes that the Nationalization program relies on having skilled, qualified Saudis in the correct career fields to create economic growth for the Company and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The strategy aligns with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and is reliant on the key concept of a continued commitment to all our stakeholders, investment in the Saudi workforce for their long-term future and a dedication to developing the skills of our employees. In order to achieve our business objectives, comply with the legal requirements and to become the employer of choice within the Kingdom a number of initiatives are in place.

  • The SNC-Lavalin Training Centre: The SNC-Lavalin training centre offers higher level training, such as Level 3 City & Guilds, Multidiscipline QA/QC, Diplomas and Scholarship Programs to prepare for management positions. In 2018 a number of Level 1 programs were added to the curriculum, including electrical and mechanical fitting, health and safety, welding and piping as well as courses specifically designed for female candidates. With the increased syllabus and expanded training centre offering classroom and ‘site’ based training there is potential to increase capacity over the next five years in order to achieve the 2030 Vision.

  • Saudization Retention Program: The Saudi High Potential Development Program (USUS) is an initiative on our SLFE joint venture. USUS supports the development of essential Leadership Talent, as well as retaining and developing Saudi’s that have the knowledge, skills and competencies required for a successful multinational Company. Part of our strategic Saudization the program is being expanded to include all SNC-Lavalin’s entities in 2019.

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