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Graduate Development Program

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About the Program

As one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, we’re invested in your development and support you in becoming an expert in whatever inspires you most. 

Our Graduate Development Program is designed to do just that - to train and develop technical professionals by offering innovative, hands-on technical and non-technical applications deemed critical in the industry, and to produce well-rounded professionals who support the overall corporate mission and vision.   

Here at Atkins, you’ll be joining a team who helps create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas, from moving people across the Northeast faster and more efficiently on DC metro’s newest route, the “Purple Line,”   to solving the energy challenges of the future. 

How the program works

The program is structured to offer new college graduates (you!) innovative training while providing a valuable professional development experience. You'll work with a mentor and coordinator to create an individually-tailored curriculum by ranking  available engineering disciplines with regard to your unique career goals and interests.
You'll then be placed into one of your top options for an initial assignment period.  As the program progresses, you'll will move through your other selected technical areas over the course of the 18-month program which can be flexible depending on the curriculum.
The intention of each of these rotations is to expose you to that aspect of civil engineering while providing a positive and productive experience for both you and the group housing that discipline.  There will also be non-technical component classes which will include necessary training modules that you may not have selected, but are deemed critical to professional development. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the company, the civil engineering industry, and the profession.

Who we look for

As our roles are highly technical, we look for degree holders in an engineering related discipline . As a member of the program, you'll be expected to have high team working abilities and flexibility, bringing an eagerness to learn  as well as showing a passion for engineering. Key indicators of this are students who have already made an impact in the field either through student organizations or internships.    

Your development


Our graduate development program is designed to give you the support you need to successfully enter the world of work and complete the necessary professional qualifications. You'll be connected to colleagues who will passionately share their knowledge with you and who will take ownership for your development. Joining the Atkins Graduate Development Program gives you a very holistic experience - not only will you benefit from very technical knowledge, but you'll be able to fine-tune the softer business skills to build long-lasting relationships.

Meet the Graduate profile

Image of Christopher Russo dressed in a suit and smiling

Christopher Russo – Sr. Engineer I – Transportation Planning (East)

"My experience with the Graduate Development Program has played one of the biggest roles in my career. I entered the GDP in 2009 and spent time learning from industry leaders in groups ranging from traffic planning, to roadway design, to tolls technology, drainage, and aviation. 

Upon completing 18 months of rotations, I joined the tolls technology group in a traffic and operations role.  The tolls group provided many opportunities and great learning experiences working on cutting-edge projects, including express lane operations. After three years, I felt it was time to expand, so I joined the broader planning group in a traffic and simulation role.

Although my GDP rotation through planning was only three months long, this bit of personal connection made the transition from tolls to planning even more of a possibility.  I am now in my third year in the planning group and continue to see my career develop at a pace I would have never imagined. I continue to work with the GDP, and am currently serving as the coordinator of the Orlando office. In this role I look forward to providing the opportunities to new hires just like the program did for me seven years ago."

Our projects

Image of a desktop displaying the floodmap program

FloodMap Desktop

Image of the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport project

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Aerial of the view Project NEON Urban Freeway Improvements

Project NEON Urban Freeway Improvements

Aerial view of San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport

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