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We’re devoted to growing the diversity of our people, promoting an inclusive culture, providing everyone with an equal voice because simply put, it’s the right thing to do.

Diversity is about something more than revenue and profit. Equality and inclusivity about something more than just business results. They’re vital to successful collaboration and they pave the way for greater, more meaningful innovation for our clients. But in our eyes, it’s more than a commercial imperative.

This is what each and every one of us here believes. We don’t waver from our core values as a business and equality, inclusion & diversity is no exception. 

This is the standard we’re holding ourselves to and the promise we’re making – regardless of who you are or where you’ve come from.

“Really simply put, inclusion for me is to ensure that everybody in our organisation and our teams has a voice.”  - Ian L. Edwards, President and CEO

Though we’re by no means perfect, our commitment to doing better is second to none. We’re determined to build a more inclusive and equal future for employees and clients alike, and set an example of how it should be done. 

In our eyes, there are things we must uphold both as a business and as individuals so that we can best deliver on the above. We’ve made great progress in living and promoting these to date, but there’s still plenty more to do. 

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Respected &

We want every single person to feel respected, empowered and able to realize their full potential as important members of our team – whatever their background or circumstance. We have three responsibilities as a business that we need to deliver on to achieve this.

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Our responsibilities
As a business

  • Promote inclusiveness in our policies, practices and business relationships.
  • Proactively recruit and on-board candidates from a diverse pool of applicants.
  • Raise the awareness of diversity and inclusion through voluntary training, continuous learning and perspective sharing.

In addition, we’re striving to elevate the representation of women in critical roles across our business (such as professionals, managers and senior managers). To succeed at this, we’ve set a target to:

  • Increase the total percentage of women in professional, management and senior management positions to 20% as a minimum.

How we're
Going to do it

Though the above defines what we are doing, how we do it matters more. As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish – and we’re not in the business of wishful thinking. We make things happen.

Our plan for progress is defined at a global level, aligned with our wider business strategy and values. Built on 3 pillars, it acts as a guiding principle for all our people across varying business functions and countries.

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There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to advancing diversity and inclusion. That’s why our focus differs from region to region and is tailored to the geographic nuances within each of them. 

Every region is also leading its own Diversity and Inclusion Regional Business Network, composed of employees and leaders from different sectors and roles. The more variety in background, perspective and experience we have in a room, sharing ideas and solving problems, the better the outcome. And in what we do, we want the best outcome, every time.

What we expect
From each other

Progress doesn’t just come from the top. As much as strategy and objectives are important, it’s the way we act and work with one another, the culture that we live and breathe every day that has just as much of an impact – if not more. The responsibility to do what’s right, lies with all of us.

On a personal level, doing what’s right constitutes three simple actions. They take little effort to live, but can make a world of difference in creating a place that fosters inclusivity and equality.

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Doing what’s right is a mindset. 

It defines how we conduct ourselves as a business, no matter the context. It applies to diversity, equality and inclusion, and equally to sustainability and social responsibility. To this end, we’ve aligned our business strategy to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and are well underway in driving those we know we can make the most tangible, positive impact on. To find out more about our sustainability strategy and approach, click here.

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