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Head of Section- Roads and Railways

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Head of Section- Roads and Railways

We are currently looking for a Head of section with the capability to lead a multidisciplinary team and ensure inputs from other disciplines. Ideal person must have leadership skill and multidisciplinary basic knowledge on environment, landscape, administrative design issues (reguleringsplan).


The role for its discipline of the Technical Lead is to:

  • ensure we comply with the Atkins Technical Assurance Goals and
  • ensure that we follow the Atkins Design Principles;
  • carry out a technical risk categorisation and implement appropriate mitigating actions;
  • ensure that the team is competent for the tasks set (identifying and filling capability gaps);
  • provide technical direction and guidance to the team;
  • identify the safety critical aspects of the design and ensure they are being actively managed;
  • ensure risks and issues are identified and addressed (from formal surveillance and audits);
  • contribute to setting budgets and programme;
  • deliver to budget, programme, quality (and quantities when required);
  • set & own an efficient and effective and communicate it to the team;
  • ensure the project requirements correctly reflect the client’s needs
  • manage the implementation of change to the scope;
  • deliver the correct technical output to meet the project requirements;
  • seek and incorporate the advice of others where required;
  • manage the technical risks throughout the project lifecycle;
  • set the standard for technical excellence in deliverables;
  • plan and secure the technical resources with the Technical Director;
  • provide coaching and guidance to more junior members of the team;
  • focus project strategy to maximise learning and development.

Tasks from the Head of section (seksjonsleder), who is a senior technical practitioner with experience of working within the relevant business sector or discipline:

Develop technical capability:

  • strategic oversight of the business’s technical capability for their discipline;
  • develop technical competence systems for staff in their discipline;
  • ensure competent staff to act as interface with support from outside of the business unit (both internal and external to Atkins);
  • Working with peers in their discipline from other Atkins’ businesses to develop the overall Atkins’ capability. 
  • Create a technical community (in support to Technical Director):
  • Learning from Experience (LFE);
  • promotion of ‘relevant good practice’ capability development;
  • capability maintenance and growth, resourcing and recruitment;
  • training needs;
  • promoting awareness of industry/discipline specific changes (e.g. codes/standards).
  • establish appropriate links to Universities and other academic institutions.
  • Manage technical risk:
  • review and approve cross-discipline processes;
  • take part in technical risk assessments, technical risk reviews, project technical audits, etc.
  • Help win the right work:
  • work alongside the business development team to provide support to growing existing work streams and developing new work streams;
  • promote Atkins’ capability in their specific discipline externally – i.e. by promotion of technical papers and attendance at conferences, supporting industry working groups, etc.;

At Atkins Norway, you will enjoy competitive compensation, a safe and healthy work environment, and a full range of benefits (ie.: group insurance, retirement savings plan, share purchase plan, continuing education program, etc.)


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