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Shaping a better future together

We started out as Atkins encompassing Faithful+Gould – one of the most respected international design, engineering and project management consultancies. today we’re a core part of SNC-Lavalin. and we offer employees all the benefits you’d expect from a strong global company with enhanced scale, capabilities, expertise and more. 

Complementary geographies broaden our opportunities. and with over 50,000 employees, we now have more chartered professionals than any of our industry peers. we’re already meeting fast growing demands for innovation and technology. from enhancing safety, to pushing breakthroughs in transport, to making virtual reality part of the delivery process. when it comes to the competition, we are more agile, more responsive and more effective. read more…
Atkins in the South East
Our two offices, just outside of London offer visionary work environments. rivalling each other for ‘big’ clients and projects, employees are shaping future environments across the globe. both offices possess diverse, committed teams who range from graduates to some of the leading professionals in our industry. both buildings are in convenient urban locations, perfect for the sociable office cultures. they’re both easy to get to from London with excellent connections for weekend breaks to Brighton, Sussex or just about anywhere else via Gatwick.
Integrity is for everyone
We value the diversity of people because we believe it’s the right thing to do. striving to be a truly inclusive employer, we continually improve for each team member and assess behaviours at every tier of the business. the result is an ethic that supports each other’s strengths and learns from each other’s differences. it’s what keeps us growing stronger and more driven together. learn more...
Making life work better
At Atkins, flexible working is a big part of our culture. it’s not just something that makes 21st century family life possible. we see an even bigger picture: happiness and fulfilment which empowers every human being to be passionate and driven. whether it’s a formal arrangement or informal, it’s built on mutual trust and support. it doesn’t matter what your reason is. some of our employees are lifelong carers. others are committed volunteers. and some might just need to leave early for band practice every now and then. let’s balance your personal needs with our business needs, and make great things happen. find out more…


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